What mask to choose

Different types of CPAP masks are available for those diagnosed with sleep apnea and with 3 main categories in which CPAP will work for you, personally, depends very much on the type of CPAP mask your doctor will prescribe for you.

The CPAP mask is an important part of your overall CPAP treatment, transferring air from the CPAP machine to your nose and/or mouth. So, as you can guess, the CPAP mask should be as comfortable as possible and offer a very good fit around the nose and/or mouth.

Fortunately, many of the CPAP masks offered today are designed to do just that – provide a great night’s sleep without causing discomfort or irritation. Let’s explore what distinguishes these different types of CPAP masks and look at the advantages of each group of masks.

  • Full face masks cover your nose and mouth.
  • Nasal masks apply only to your nose, offering a lighter application than full face masks. and
  • The nasal pillow masks are even lighter and more minimal than nasal masks, offering plenty of visibility.