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Procedure for starting sleep therapy

G.KAICHANIDIS-D.PAPADOPOULOS G.P.. – is a certified provider of the National Organization for the Provision of Health Services (EOPYY). As long as there are the necessary supporting documents such as Opinions, Sleep Studies, and Considered Electronic prescriptions. Required by EOPYY for rent compensation is given to lease without charge for sleep apnea products (CPAP).

Έχετε όλα τα δικαιολογητικά που απαιτούνται;

It is the result of the sleep study examination and states the treatment you should receive. It must be signed by a doctor and certified by the hospital or clinic where you underwent the sleep study.

It is the printout from the sleep study, it reports all the recorder parameters that you underwent, such as the EEG, EOG, oximetry, breathing interruptions, awakenings, etc.

They are the necessary documents for starting or continuing your treatment through the EOPYY. The maximum duration of 6 months and must bear the signature and stamp of the therapist and the selected doctor.

It is necessary every month to receive a signature in the execution of the EOPYY or otherwise via Every 6 months the prescriptions must be renewed for the uninterrupted continuation of the lease and therefore your treatment.

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