Instructions for recovering data from the AirSense 10 machine

The information obtained from the device using the SD card includes:

  • Sleep apnea index (AHI): this critical measurement is crucial in determining the correct setting of the machine. The AHI provides information on the severity of sleep apnoea.
  • Leaks: This parameter indicates the correct positioning of the mask. Increased levels of leakage offer information on their potential impact on the overall effectiveness of treatment.
  • Pressure levels: This parameter indicates the operating range of the automatic CPAP, vital for the effective treatment and management of sleep apnea within a defined pressure range.
  • Time of use: These data are necessary to assess whether the minimum treatment duration has been met, helping to understand whether the recommended treatment times have been adhered to


Remove the card (SD CARD) from the AirSense device as shown below.

Insert the SD card into your computer using your card reader or computer slot, as shown below.

Select the files and folders as shown below, copy and paste them into a new folder on your computer.

Compress the folder and send it to -> support(@)cpap using the wetransfer link -> or whatever is more convenient for you, such as google drive, a Drive, Dropbox